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The low-level implementation of the Replicating Market Maker, "RMM-01", is in the PrimitiveEngine.sol smart contract. It is designed to be minimal and gas efficient, only implementing the fundamental functions of an AMM: provide liquidity, remove liquidity, and swap between the pool's tokens.

This Engine has an extra feature to carry an internal token balance, which will save gas by reducing token transfers; token transfers are usually a considerable portion of the gas expense.

Source Code

Core Smart Contracts

Deployed Addresses

There are no currently deployed contracts on production networks as of December 28, 2021.

PrimitiveFactoryRinkeby (chainId 4)0xFdfd3F318ff62eAa8888A54758F086567534F733Beta.3
PrimitiveManagerRinkeby (chainId 4)0x9Db95307FFd122323CF297Ac91145C2155E3Eb62Beta.3


Function AbiDescription
function updateLastTimestamp(bytes32 poolId) external returns (uint32 lastTimestamp);Updates a pool's last timestamp, effectively applying the time that has passed.
function create( uint256 strike, uint32 sigma, uint32 maturity, uint32 gamma, uint256 riskyPerLp, uint256 delLiquidity, bytes calldata data ) external returns ( bytes32 poolId, uint256 delRisky, uint256 delStable );Creates a pool, "curve", with the arguments as parameters.
function deposit( address recipient, uint256 delRisky, uint256 delStable, bytes calldata data ) external;Increases the recipient's internal token balance.
function withdraw( address recipient, uint256 delRisky, uint256 delStable ) external;Decreases the msg.sender internal token balance.
function allocate( bytes32 poolId, address recipient, uint256 delRisky, uint256 delStable, bool fromMargin, bytes calldata data ) external returns (uint256 delLiquidity);Increases the liquidity position of the recipient by providing tokens to the pool.
function remove(bytes32 poolId, uint256 delLiquidity) external returns (uint256 delRisky, uint256 delStable);Decreases the liquidity of msg.sender by removing tokens from the pool.
function swap( address recipient, bytes32 poolId, bool riskyForStable, uint256 deltaIn, bool fromMargin, bool toMargin, bytes calldata data ) external returns (uint256 deltaOut);Swaps between the pool's tokens, either from the risky to the stable token or from the stable to the risky token.